Agulla de Castell

It is a shallow dive ideal for beginners and trainees

The Dive

Located on the north side of Dive Center Palamós under the Iberian settlement we will find this dive.

During the route parallel to the coast we will find the typical flora and fauna of the area, highlighting the octopuses, moray eels, bream etc.

The bottom is sandy with loose rocks and small pinnacles.

In order not to get lost, we will dive parallel to the coast and we will take a reference point when starting:

We will have to return on our course and we need to know where to finish to find the boat.

It is a calm dive and due to its shallow depth , our diving time will be longer with a greater distance covered than in deep dives.

What is the Iberian village?

The archaeological site of Castell was discovered in 1935 by Lluís Barceló i Bou, curator of the Cau Museum on the Costa Brava, who carried out the first excavations between 1935 and 1936, with prior authorization from the owner of the lands. The following excavations were carried out between 1943 and 1949 by the archaeologists Miquel Oliva and Francesc Riuró.

Various archaeological materials have been found in the excavations, such as Iberian amphorae with flat mouths, numerous remains of tools for agriculture and coins of three types: Emporita, Punic or Carthaginian and Roman.

Among the findings, a record of Iberian writing stands out, an inscription on a lead sheet whose text is one of the longest that has been have been found so far in Catalonia.

In 1996 it was declared an asset of interest by the Government of Catalonia, and today a large part of the architectural structures are preserved in good condition.

It is a shallow dive ideal for beginners and trainees

41 € / Dive trip

*The price of this dive includes boat + bottle + 3 hours free parking

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Aguja de Castell

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Dive – Agulla de Castell

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Certificates and accreditations

The instructors, dive masters and assistants at Palamós Dive Center are professionals with extensive experience in diving, a large number of dives on the Costa Brava to their credit and they are all certified by the Generalitat of Catalonia. Of proven effectiveness in the theoretical and practical teaching of different diving courses.

Todos los instructores, y resto del personal del centro, tienen la correspondiente titulación, que acredita su capacidad para la enseñanza.

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