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Canons de Tamariu

It is a shallow dive ideal for beginners and trainees

The Immersion

The canyons have an almost “hand” shape sculpted by sea currents, in which we walk along its contour between narrow corridors.

The walls are full of yellow gorgonians and cracks full of coral, endowing to the path of a colorful mantle, but we will also easily find groupers, breams, lobsters, Swiss vaquitas, castanets, red mullets, moray eels and barracudas

There are three bars of great beauty where we will surely leave happy with our immersion.

Thanks to its orography, orientation is easy since there are three bars joined together at the end, following their profile we will find the mooring line in the highest area of the immersion.

Located north of Palamós and with about 40 minutes of navigation, the Tamariu canyons is a magical and colorful dive.


During the journey we will have the opportunity to see great landscapes of great beauty such as the San Sebastián lighthouse, built in the mid-19th century, it was inaugurated on October 1, 1857 but it was not electrified until 1940, with a 3,000 W lamp.

The importance of its situation is even before its construction, different villages were staying in the vicinity to act as sentinel and there are historical accounts that place a hermit who for a long time was He was in charge of warning when pirate ships were preparing to raid.

Upon reaching the immersion area, we can enjoy the beautiful image left by this beautiful town that is Tamariu. Old fishermen’s settlement, where the boats and fishing gear were kept.

Later, at the beginning of the 20th century, the first houses were built and shortly after the first vacationers arrived. In the 1960s there was a nightclub, La Raqueta, where Carmen Amaya and Joan Manuel Serrat, among others, performed.

It is a shallow dive ideal for beginners and trainees

41 € / Dive trip

*The price of this dive includes boat + bottle + 3 hours free parking

Requirements – To carry out this dive it is necessary to have a minimum level qualification.

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Dive Spot- Tamariu Canons

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Certificates and accreditations

The instructors, dive masters and assistants at Palamós Dive Center are professionals with extensive experience in diving, a large number of dives on the Costa Brava to their credit and all are certified by the Generalitat de Catalunya. Of proven effectiveness in the theoretical and practical teaching of the different diving courses.

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