Security is a fundamental element in our activity, since we must be aware that we are not in our natural environment.

The entire team of the Palamós Dive Center is qualified and recognized by the Generalitat de Catalunya, and the ability to resolve any emergency that arises quickly and reliably. In the dives it is mandatory to carry a safety balloon and a computer, in case of not having them you will always be accompanied by a center monitor. Having a good training, a good team, keeping fit and taking care of the diet helps our safety.

In Palamós there is one of the 2 hyperbaric chambers that are in Catalonia and unique in the Costa Brava, 500 mt. from the dive center.

In 2010, the Palamós hospital has renewed its hyperbaric chamber, thus having one of the most modern cameras that exist today. The new hyperbaric chamber of the Palamós hospital was launched on June 11, 2010.
The former, remained active since it was installed in the hospital in 1994. During these almost 16 years of uninterrupted operation, more than 900 patients have been treated and more than 7,000 treatment and personnel training sessions have been carried out.

The current chamber has been built in Germany by Haux-Life- * Support and has two compartments, a diameter of 2.5 meters and a total length of 5.8 meters. This allows a maximum treatment capacity of 8 people seated. However, it can be configured in different ways, being able to treat 2 patients on a stretcher, 1 patient on a stretcher and 4 sitting or eight sitting. It also has an innovative air supply system and is equipped with the most modern safety mechanisms available. The maximum working pressure is 5 bars.

The Hyperbaric Medicine Unit of the Hospital de Palamós currently has 6 medical professionals, 21 nursing professionals and 4 camera operators. There is a permanent 3-person checkpoint (doctor / nurse, nurse and camera operator) who attends any emergency 24 hours a day every day of the year.

Likewise, from this unit the medical examinations that are required in the practice of sports and professional diving, and various teaching activities are carried out.