Diving course with underwater scooter


Underwater scooter, the most extreme diving / underwater propulsion vehicle (VPS).

Are you adventurous Well, the Scooter is for you! A new modality that creates addiction.
Frequency: every day, we adapt to your agenda.
Variables: Scooter course from boat – € 300
Includes: Facilities, showers, changing room, drying space, recreation area. The photographs we will take along the way out.
Additional requirements: In order to use scooters in diving to have the minimum level of OWD with a minimum of 10 dives.

¡Al comprar este producto puedes conseguir 3000 puntos para utilizar en tus futuras compras!

  • Air consumption is lower because it does not have to flutter.
  • Being able to do several dive points with a single dive.
  • Go find new spaces.
  • Perfect to discover a different dive.

The experience is unique, you can make excursions and travel a greater distance in less time. The observation of the bottom obtains a new perspective, moving from detail to the breadth of space, it is undoubtedly a new way to explore the seabed.

We have a wide range of tours to offer.
You will learn to improve the technique for the correct handling of the device and to make this new sport fully enjoyed!

The goal: to live a different experience in a fun and safe environment. You will know the sea in a different way.

We have four guidelines when teaching diving courses:

  • Security is the most important point, for this reason we ask, advise, observe, ensuring any action, it is all about helping.
  • Our instructors in addition to having all the requirements are excited about their work, their passion for diving will not leave you indifferent.
  • We love our sea and this premise motivates us to transmit everything we know about this fantastic environment.
  • We have a clear attitude of service, which will help you feel comfortable and well cared for.


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