We are a dive center with more than 15 years of experience

We are characterized by professionalism and the good atmosphere. We have a team trained in all areas of diving and we adapt without problem to the level of the clients, whether a diver looking for a sea baptism or an experienced diver.

We are an ideal center to live, which is also our passion, scuba diving, enjoying all the activities we direct, accompany or teach.

We are located within the Puerto Marina de Palamós Marina and we have spacious, comfortable and very practical facilities; with a classroom for the theoretical part of the courses, shop where you can buy t-shirts and other products, large changing rooms where you can leave your things, with hot showers and desalination area.

You can relax and talk about the dive while you have a drink on our terrace, we have unbeatable views!

We have a Nitrox and air compressor room, as well as a workshop, where you can leave your equipment in case repairs or revisions are necessary, always carried out by an expert technician.

The boat for departures is located at 25 mt. from our facilities, that’s why it’s so easy to go out with us to go diving.

Professional instructors

The instructors, dive masters and assistants of Dive Center Palamós are professionals with a long experience in diving and with a large number of dives on the Costa Brava. All are graduated by the Generalitat de Catalunya with a degree issued by the most recognized international diving organization, PADI, which accredits their ability to teach.

PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors, according to the acronym in English, Professional Association of Diving Instructors), is the worldwide association of certification of divers and member of WRSTC (World Recreational Scuba Training Council).

Palamós Dive Center is an accredited Dive Resort PADI center.

Toni Campos

Manager and Head of the professional team

I am the son of Palamos, my life has always been linked to the sea since I was a child. My father with 7-8 months was already taking me to bathe in Playa de la Fosca, maybe that's why I have no memory of learning to swim. And it is that when I am under water I have two pleasant perceptions and at the same time opposed; one is the feeling of control of feeling safe in this environment and the other of absolute harmony of authentic connection with the environment. My connection with the sea has always been growing, the curiosity, the love for nature and the feeling of peace and freedom that I find when I am in the middle of the blue m’esperonà without a doubt to professionalize myself in diving. I got the qualification of cabotage pattern and naval mechanic, professional diver of great depth of intervention and creative diving instructor. Since then I have dedicated all my professional life in my passion. Taking curious people like me underwater, showing them the wonders that our sea has reserved for those who are submerged.

Our work is seasonal, so that for more than 15 years I have combined the recreational and professional part, such as placing beacons and mooring buoy fields with the most respectful systems that currently exist in the environment, extracting sunken ships, hydraulic works and maintenance in the ports ... Come to dive and enjoy a sport that benefits in many ways; In the physical aspect for the exercise that we do in diving, it is a great anti-stress relaxes us, unites all those who love nature ... I encourage you to be dazzled by the underwater world.

Frederic Soler

Manager and head of the school

After doing my initial diving course in Castellón more than 20 years ago, I was clear that my future asked to dedicate myself professionally to the world of diving. In 2002 I had the opportunity to partner with my friend Toni, from whom I learned a lot thanks to his long experience in this sector. I left the city and settled in Palamós, a city that welcomed me with open arms as it does with all newcomers. Living and working facing the sea is the passion of every day. Once installed, I started my training, it was a time of learning in a medium that I love but I respect, since the sea can give you a lot but also take you out, and the sailor courses, survival at sea, radio, first aid arrived , rescue boats, firefighters and finally the patroness, I could already navigate this sea that I love so much. At the same time I continued to gain more experience in the world of diving, after having graduated a good number of divers and taking many dives, I will take off the instructor of more than 10 specialties, the technical diving instructor, staff instructor, and first aid trainer. A submerged world that fascinates me and motivates me to be able to share my knowledge with the friends and clients of the Palamós Dive Center.

Ignasi Subirana

Skipper and professional diver

I was born in Sabadell, but at the age of 19 I came to live on the Costa Brava because it was already very clear that my future asked to live and work near the sea. My passion for the sea begins as a young man, a lifelong vacationer in Calonge at my grandparents' house. Every morning I went to the beach with my friends and little by little we got to know the corners of the coast. There is nothing like childhood to discover and learn at the same time. Later I saw that I was curious about the engines and boats, which made me study mechanics. Once I finished my studies I continued to train in the world of diving, this is how I got the diver's titles, both as a sports instructor and as a professional. The motivation today remains the same as when I was little, as the years go by and the more I know the sea, the more integrated I feel to nature.

Otger Bernabé

Skipper, Professional Diver, Scuba Instructor

Since childhood, the sea has been my home, I grew up with a father who only talked about ships, pirates and sea bottom adventures. This led us to live in a boat. Gradually the curiosity to know what was under the sea we were sailing through was growing, I finally took my first diving title, to discover the wonders that hide at the bottom of the sea. It was a dream come true. Later I did the rest of the courses and from this passion I did my job. To round off my training I also got the title of professional diver who is my other great passion. How could it be otherwise, living on a ship it was mandatory to take the corresponding titles to take the boat and be able to make the reliefs to my father. These qualifications have helped me to work carrying the diving boat and continue enjoying the sea.

Rubén Hidalgo

Skipper, Professional Diver, Scuba Instructor

Born in Palamós, since I was a child bathing on the Costa Brava, I discovered the sea floor since I can remember. I studied Physical Activity and Sports Sciences to be a physical education teacher. This and my passion for the seabed made me end up in the world of scuba diving in which I was trapped to this day. The bottom of the sea is a place that leaves no one indifferent, transmitting my experiences to divers and showing the most hidden corners of our seas is my motivation. The peace that this environment conveys is a sufficient incentive to continue growing and knowing more about our world. For all these reasons I took all the necessary qualifications to be able to work on what I like most, such as the instructor's title, the port master's degree, professional diver and apnea courses, which is my other great passion, always surrounded by water .

Carles Pérez

Scuba diving instructor

A lifelong vacationer in Sant Antoni de Calonge I spent all my childhood with the tube and glasses on my mother's beach bag, waiting for the time to leave home to go to the beach to put my head under the water Let's see what he saw. Since I was a child, fish and shark documentaries have always excited me, and when a diver appeared on the beach with his fins and bottles, he was the typical boy who was swimming above the diver to see what he was doing. At age 12 I had already saved some money to be able to take my first diving course, obviously not enough to pay for the course, but this saving allowed me to prove to my parents that I was passionate about the bottom of the sea. With the firmness I demonstrated, it was not very difficult for my parents to open the doors of the world of diving. After the first course, everyone else followed until I was 18 when I took the Divemaster. It was then that I discovered that sharing everything I had learned with the other divers was a rewarding job. Then came the diving instructor course along with the first aid, a dream come true.

Adrià Morillas

Master and Dive Master

The sea always has something that attracts you, if it is not its color with the shades of blue that change according to the time and the state of the sea, it is the fact of the sway of the waves that leaves you hypnotized. My parents had a small boat with which we discovered small coves, where to bathe with the tube and the glasses. These moments are the things I remember most excitedly of my childhood. When I was older thanks to a close relative I got the title of submariner, and little by little I was obtaining degrees until I reached the divemaster. At the same time I completed my training with the nautical qualifications until I reached port master. Being able to enjoy the sea every day was my dream, which has gradually come true.

Port de la Marina 8, Palamós (Girona)

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Professional services

In Dive Center Palamós we also perform specialized services

We put at your disposal a team of professional divers to perform complex tasks in the water such as boat rescue, hydraulic works or search and recovery tasks.