Dive Center Palamós is a long-haul diving center with more than 15 years of experience that rewards us with professionalism and good environment; We have a trained team in all areas of diving and we adapt without problems to the level of the clients, whether they want to do a trydive or they are experienced divers.

We are an ideal center to live our passion, the scuba diving!! Enjoying all the activities we direct, accompany or teach.

We are located in the Port Marina and we have spacious, comfortable and very practical facilities; with a classroom for the theoretical part of the courses, a store where you can buy t-shirts and other products, large changing rooms where you can leave your things, with hot water showers and desalination areas.

You can relax and talk about the dive while having a drink on our terrace. We have unbeatable views.

We have Nitrox and air compressor room, as well as a workshop, where you can leave your equipment in case you have to make repairs or revisions, which will be carried out by a technical expert.

The boat is located 25 mt. from our facilities, so it is easy to go scuba diving with us.

Professional Instructors

Dive Center Palamós instructors, dive masters and  attendees are professionals with a long experience in diving, a large number of dives in COSTA BRAVA and all of them titled by the Generalitat de Catalunya, issued by the most recognized international PADI diving organization which demonstrates their ability to teach.

Proven to be effective in theoretical and practical teaching, both in the activities and teaching different diving courses.

PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors),  is the largest worldwide association of diving certification and a member of the WRSTC (World Recreational Scuba Training Council).


Palamós Dive Center is an accredited Dive Resort PADI center.

Toni Campos

Manager and Head of professional team

I was born in Palamós, my life has always been linked to the sea from a very young age. With 7-8 months old my father was already bringing me swimming in Platja de la Fosca, perhaps because of this I have no memory of learning how to swim. And when I’m underwater I have two pleasant and at the same time contrasting feelings; One is the sensation of control, of feeling safe in this environment and the other of absolute harmony, of authentic connection with the environment. My relationship with the sea has never stopped growing, curiosity, love for nature and the feeling of peace and freedom that I encounter when I am in the middle of the blue, I was surprised, without any doubt, to professionalize myself in diving. I took the degree of cabotage and naval mechanic, professional diving with great depth of intervention and creative diving instructor. Since then I have dedicated my whole professional life to my passion. Carrying curious people like me under water, teaching them the wonders that our sea has reserved for those who are submerged.

Our work is seasonal, for this reason and for more than 15 years, I combine the recreational with the professional, such as placing marking and anchoring buoys with the most respectful systems that currently exist with the environment, to extract Wrecked ships, hydraulic works and maintenance in the ports… Come dive and enjoy a sport that has many benefits; In the physical aspect of the exercise we perform when practicing diving, it is a great anti-stress and relaxes us, unites all those who love nature… I encourage you to let yourself be dazzled by the underwater world.

Frederic Soler

Manager and head of the school

After doing my initial diving course in Castellón more than 20 years ago, it was clear that my future demanded to dedicate myself professionally to the world of diving. In 2002 I had the opportunity to partner with my friend Toni, from whom I learned a lot thanks to its long experience in this sector. I left the city and settled in Palamós, a town that received me with open arms as it does with all newcomers.

Living and working towards the sea is my everyday passion. Once installed, I started my training, it was a learning time in an environment that I love but also respect, since the sea can give you a lot but also snatch it away, sailor courses arrived, Survival at sea, radio, first aid, rescue boats, firefighters and finally patronage, I could already sail through this sea that I love so much.

At the same time, I continued to take more experience in the world of diving, after having titled a handful of divers and taking a lot of dives, I got the instructor out of more than 10 specialties, the diving instructor, instructional staff, and first aid trainer.

A submerged world that appeases me and motivates me to be able to share my knowledge with the friends and clients of the Dive Center Palamós.

Professional Services

Dive Center Palamós offers you the professional divers team
to perform complex tasks in the water.

Ignasi Subirana

Boatmaster and professional diver

I was born in Sabadell, but at the age of 19 I came to live on the Costa Brava because I had very clear that my future demanded that I live and work on it.

My passion for the sea starts at an early age, spending every summer in Calonge at my grandparents’ home. Every morning I went to the beach with my friends and little by little we started to know every corner of the coast. There is nothing like childhood to discover and learn at the same time.

Later on I saw that I was curious about the engines and the boats, which made me study mechanics. Once I finished my studies I continued to train myself in the world of diving, so I took off the diving titles, both recreational and professional.

Today’s motivation remains the same as when it was little, as years go by  the more I know the sea and the more integrated I feel in nature.

Otger Bernabé

Boatmaster, professional Diver, Diving Instructor

Since I was a little kid, the sea has been my house, I grew up with a father who only spoke of boats, pirates and sea-bottom adventures. This led us to live on a boat. Little by little the curiosity to know what was under the sea through which we sailed was growing, finally I got off my first diving title, and discovering the wonders that are hiding at the bottom of the sea was a dream come true.

Later on I did the rest of my courses and I made my job in this passion. To round off my training I also got the title of professional diver, which is my other great passion. As it could not be otherwise, living with in ship was obligatory to get me the corresponding titles to take the boat and be able to relay my father.

These qualifications have helped me to work by driving the diving boat and continue enjoying the sea.

Rubén Hidalgo

Boatmaster, professional Diver, Diving Instructor

Born in Palamós, from a very young age swiming in the Costa Brava, I discovered the bottom of the sea since I have a memory. I studied Physical Activity and Sports Sciences to be a teacher of physical education.

This and my passion for the seabed led me to end up in the world of scuba diving in which I am trapped to this day. The bottom of the sea is a place that does not leave anyone indifferent, transmitting to divers my experiences and showing the most hidden corners of our seas is my motivation. The peace that transmits this environment is a sufficient incentive to keep growing and knowing more about our world.

For all these reasons, I got all the necessary qualifications to work on what I like the most, such as the title of instructor, the port master, professional diver and apnea courses, which is my other great passion, always surrounded by water.

Carles Pérez

Diving instructor

Spending all my summers in Sant Antoni de Calonge, I spent all my childhood with the snorkel and glasses placed in my mother’s beach bag, waiting to leave home to go to the beach to put the head beneath the water to see what was below the surface. From the very beginning, the fish and shark documentaries have always excited me, and when a diver with his fins and bottles appeared on the beach, I was the typical boy who was swimming over the diver to see what he was doing.

At age 12 I had saved some money to get my first dive course, obviously not enough to pay the course, but this saving allowed me to show my parents that I was passionate about the bottom of the sea. With the firmness I showed it was not very difficult for my parents to open the doors of the world of diving. After the first course they followed all the others until I reached the age of 18 when I took  the Divemaster.

It was then that I discovered that sharing everything I had learned from other divers was a rewarding job. Then the diving instructor course came along with the first aid, a dream come true.

Àlex Amice

Instructor de submarinisme i mariner

Vaig néixer a Palamós, sempre a tocar del mar,tots els records que tinc des de ben petit són jugant, aprenent i gaudint del mar. Les primeres immersions les vaig realitzar amb 15 anys junt amb el meu germà petit, amb el qual vàrem aprendre la diversitat dels nostres fons marins amb unes ulleres i un tub. Aquest amor pel mar ens el van transmetre els meus pares, grans coneixedors de la zona i per descomptat enamorats del medi. Com tot palamosí, des de ben petit el mar ha sigut la meva llar d’infants, i qui millor mestre que el meu pare per ensenyar- me a portar la barca que teníem a casa. De seguida que vaig tenir l’edat vaig treure’m tots els títols de navegació corresponents per poder treballar en aquest món apassionant. Un bon amic de la família i instructor de busseig em va introduir al món subaquàtic, ràpidament hi vaig quedar enganxat i vaig tenir clar a què dedicar el meu futur laboral. Haver-me tret el títol d’instructor i poder compartir les meves coneixences i experiències amb la resta de persones que senten el mateix amor que jo pel mar, sens dubte ha sigut una bona elecció professional i personal.

Adria Morillas

Boatmaster, Diving Instructor

The sea always has something that attracts you, if it is not its color with the shades of blue that change according to the time and the state of the sea, it is the fact of the swinging of the waves that leaves you hypnotized.

My parents had a small boat with which we discovered small coves, where we swam with the snorkel and the glasses. These times are the things that I remember with most enthusiastic about my childhood.

When I grew older thanks to a close relative, I got the first diving certificate, and gradually I graduated until I got to the diving instructor. At the same time, I completed my training with the nautical qualifications until reaching the dockmaster.

Being able to enjoy every day of the sea was my dream, which gradually became a reality.

Arnau Soler


I’ve been diving since I was 8 because I was lucky that my father taught me very well on how to discover what for me was a spectacular world, an immense sea with fish of all sizes and flora of all colors. During the summers, the creek of the Morro del Vedell was my second home, since, due to my age, my father did not let me go up the boat to dive with the adults. So, the cove was the patio where I practiced everything I had learned and heard talk. As I gew older, slowly I discovered the diving spots near the Dive Center Palamós.

To this day I still remember the first dives in Ullastres or Formigues together with my father. The feeling of freedom and immensity that I felt I still feel after an infinity of dives.

When I was twelve my grandmother gave me a diving trip to the Red Sea, this experience marked me a lot and since then, during my university holidays, I work collaboratively at the Dive Center, which is a dream that from a very early age I had already rooted.

Alèssia Pons

Biologist, Divemaster

My passion for diving started from scratch; Living near the sea and being a lover of nature. In 2012, I completed the basic course of OpenWater with Paco Bonilla, ESA OpenWater and Ecodiver instructor. I finished the degree of Environmental Sciences at the University of Girona in 2014. Then, I worked in a Environmental Consultancy, Sorelló Estudis al Medi Aquàtic S.L for almost a year. At the same time, I also trained as a leisure instructor in camps and as a guide for nature for families and children. I received a scholarship to study a Master’s Degree at the University of Girona. Well, I attended a Biotechnology Master that allowed me to work in two R & D related companies in genetics and animal and plant production. The experience in the laboratory was very productive but I felt that I was diverting from what I really liked to invest my time. I went to Cuba and Mexico to work in marine conservation, especially in the study and protection of coral reefs. In Cuba, I was led by Javiez Báez Vila instructor at the Ecomar center and on the island of Cozumel (Mexico) with Socrates at Diver Down. I was trained in the characterization of marine species (especially chorales, gorgonics, algae and some invertebrates) in order to identify them, relate them to their habitat type and estimate their degree of vulnerability. Last summer I went to work at a Marine Research center in Funchal, Madeira. Apart from scientific immersion, I also collaborated in the SeaLife Scuba diving center. In 2017, I did the Advanced diver course with instructors Alex Camacho and Michael Sousa. Currently, I am studying a new international Master’s in Marine Biology in Algarve, Portugal.

I want to continue to go deep into the world of diving and nurture me of the unexplored treasures of the Mediterranean Sea.