Free diving activities (freediving) – Apnea

What does an apneist look for?

Learning this technique, this extreme sport, helps you recognize your limits to instruct you in your control.

The apneist stays in a limit state that’s why it’s so important to listen to the body and understand how it reacts.

In the fight phase of the apneist, with the adrenaline of the body for survival, the mental processes of anxiety or the emotions that arise … At this moment, it is when you can access a state of presence, de-identification and relaxation that you already know because you have practiced before.

It is not a question of changing the sensations that arise, but of knowing how to channel and be able to maintain the sensation of placidity.

These are some of its benefits:

  • Improves the collection of oxygen and the elimination of carbon dioxide.
  • Purifies air passages and the lungs increase blood circulation.
  • Tonifies the heart, the nervous system, the spinal cord and the brain.
  • During the retention, cell respiration is stimulated.
  • It leds to a state of deep relaxation that facilitates the attainment of the states of internalization, concentration and meditation.

Where we will do the activity:

  • Apnea training at sea with dives from the beach.
  • Exploration apnea dives by boat.


We have four guidelines when it comes to teaching diving courses:

  1. Security is the most important point, for this reason we ask, advise, observe, making sure of any action, it is all about helping the most.
  2. Our instructors, besides having all the requirements, are enthusiastic about their work, their passion for diving will not leave you indifferent.
  3. We love our sea and this premise motivates us to transmit everything we know about this fantastic environment.
  4. We have a clear attitude of service, which will help you feel comfortable and well taken care of.

“Dive Center Palamós, your safe diving center in the Costa Brava”


Pots complementar la teva activitat amb els següents materials i serveis adicionals. Els preus són per a una immersió concreta. Per a més informació contacta amb nosaltres.

Lloguer 1 Peça4,50€
Lloguer 2 Peces7,50€
Lloguer Equip Complert15,50€
Sortida Doble28,50€
Sortida Doble + Lloguer 1 Peça32,50€
Sortida Doble + Lloguer 2 Peces33,50€
Sortida Doble + Equip Complert47,50€
Assegurança Dia6,00€
Guia de Grup (màx. 6 persones)7,00€
Guia personal (màx. 2 persones)20,00€
Suplement Nitrox6,00€
Suplement Nocturna6,00€
Bateig Scooter en Vaixell90,00€



Periodicity: every day, arrange with Dive Center Palamós
Included: Facilities, shower, changing room, dryins area, relaxing area.
Additional requirements: Know how to swim, breathing techniques.



Certificats i acreditats

Els instructors, dive màsters i assistents de Palamós Dive Center són professionals amb una llarga experiència en busseig, un gran nombre dimmersions a la Costa Brava en el seu haver i tots són titulats per la Generalitat de Catalunya. De comprovada eficàcia en l'ensenyament teòric i pràctic dels diferents cursos de busseig.

Tots els instructors i resta del personal del centre tenen la corresponent titulació emesa per la més reconeguda organització internacional del busseig PADI que acredita la seva capacitat per a l´ensenyament.